Fun, creative and effective tips for great maternity photography


Having a baby is one of the most exciting times of any parent’s life, although the 9 months of pregnancy are often filled with joy, tears, shouting and laughing. This is because these 9 months are certainly tough for both a pregnant woman and her partner, and this is especially true for first time parents. The reason for this is because pregnant women swell up, get filled with hormones that take them for wild ride mood-swings and have sore ankles and muscle pains to deal with. So it makes sense that a professional photographer should take this into account when enlisted for maternity photography.


Since the subjects being photographed, understandably, won’t always be in a happy mood or excited to have swollen parts of their bodies photographed – we at Quantum Photography always offer these helpful tips for fun, creative and beautiful maternity photography.

Utilise angles for better curves and shapes


Sometimes even the slightest change in angle can really bring out the most beautiful parts of a woman. This is extremely helpful for when the subject is feeling self-conscious about her body, as it’s natural for a woman to want to feel slim. And often just a small step in the right direction can turn lumpy bits into welcome curves. So experiment with your angle and ask your model to try moving around until you find the flattering image she deserves. Height differences are also fantastic to add a slimming effect, and many maternity photography experts choose to photograph from high angles for just that effect.

Don’t be scared to experiment with abstract shots


Try moving your model behind the father so that only parts of her are showing past, or utilising the blur effect behind simple foreground material to soften the look of a ‘large and lumpy’ body. You may be surprised at the amazing results you achieve as the focus is heavily withdrawn from the areas of her body that she’s not entirely comfortable with.

Make it fun, but take it seriously


Finally, as a maternity photography expert it’s a fantastic idea to get your models and their partners involved with creative ideas and experiment with a variety of different, fun poses, angles, filters and backgrounds. A fun, funny and popular trend nowadays tends to involve making the woman stand sideways behind the man so that only the tummy is sticking out – making it look like the father is actually pregnant. This is just one idea that you can use to liven up your maternity photography, although...there are endless more simply waiting to be explored.


We at Quantum Photography are seasoned experts in photography of all kinds. If you’re interested in quality maternity photography, or any other category full of great images and lasting memories, then don’t hesitate to contact us today.