Photography shoot gift vouchers


One of the biggest problems with being invited to special events like weddings, baby showers and private functions is finding a gift that is personal, considerate and truly expresses how much you value your friends and family. This is why we are offering the perfect gifts for just these occasions in the form of photography shoot gift vouchers.


Offer your friends and family the unique gift of a quality photo-shoot that captures those special memories – be it a wedding, engagement, birthday party, staff function or literally any occasion worth remembering! Photography shoot gift vouchers are personal, very thoughtful and will definitely leave a lasting impression on your loved ones. Plus, you are not only providing a gift, but in the same breath also saving the receiving party from having to hire their own photographer.


This gesture will stand the test of time so to speak as they will be reminded of your gift each time the photo album comes out. What is also great about photography shoot gift vouchers is their versatility. As mentioned above, these can be for any event, from Valentine’s Day to weddings or even Bat mitzvahs, baby-showers and so on.


Investing in a meaningful gift


When you decide to invest in photography shoot gift vouchers you are providing the recipients with a gift that is unique with countless opportunities to relive the most pleasant moments of their life. This package is also an affordable option and can be tailored to accommodate those who are on a stringent budget. Big events like weddings are expensive enough without having to pay more for photography – and photography shoot gift vouchers are simply invaluable for those friends and families who simply can’t afford it.


The package


Our photography shoot gift vouchers can be aligned to a specific option or customised package that’s suitable for any family, couple or individual – depending on preferences and available budget. We also allow for Boudoir, modelling, maternity and new-born photography and do not have a limit on the amount of people involved in family photographs. Our photo-shoots generally take approximately ninety minutes and, out of around 40 to 50 photographs that we take, the recipients can choose 20 of these to be edited and printed in Jumbo format along with their DVD that includes the rest of the photos.


Photography shoot gift vouchers are truly the perfect gifts and for more details on our great deals visit or contact us directly today.


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