Professional Wedding Photographers in Pretoria


We understand that your wedding day is certainly one of the most important days in your life, so we would like to provide you with a few useful tips to help your wedding photographers in Pretoria achieve optimum results. Although the concept of assisting your wedding photographer may sound strange, all it really entails is a little bit of extra planning. While your professional photographer possesses the specialised skills to capture memories in the most prolific manner, they will also rely on the needs, preferences, cooperation, planning and consent of the client when it comes to hitting "bulls-eye" with images.

This article provides some tips which can serve to assist your prospective wedding photographers in Pretoria to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible when capturing your prised pictures.


With Pretoria being a bustling business hub with a considerable social-scene of its own, wedding photographers in Pretoria are generally booked out for the day. Any unplanned occurrences, delays or special circumstances that hinder or prevent part or all of your photography, will unfortunately not negate your obligation to pay your photographer the agreed fee or specific charge.

While unforeseen situations cannot always be pre-empted, a little planning and application of basic organisational skills will go a long way to ensuring that when you consider enlisting photographers in Pretoria, everything is in place for a well-executed function and for pristine photography. It is imperative that your wedding coordinator caters for and preferably consults with your photographer to allow for pictures at different stages of the event and to capture the ceremony, reception, venue, décor and guests seamlessly.

VIP Punctuality

A solution to VIP punctuality, such as the main family members, is to ensure that your bride and groom have their own transport with a driver to take them wherever necessary, be it for outdoor pictures or pictures at a specific platform. This way, your VIP's will always be on schedule and ready for your wedding photographers in Pretoria, when and where they are needed. Another way to ensure punctuality is to set the time of arrival up to an hour or so before they need to be there. That way, if anything has gone wrong or if somebody still needs make-up or clothing it won't disrupt the entire schedule.


Ensure that everybody knows which photos they will be needed for and exactly what times those photos will be taken. Also don't hesitate to remind them a few times. This is your important day and you cannot truly be over prepared.

Always choose wisely, and only consider experienced wedding photographers in Pretoria who have a sound and proven track record. Trust us at Quantum Photographic to capture every smile and laugh on your most precious day.


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