The Adventures of Preschool Photography


Preschool photography is always an area that many photographers shy away from. This is often due to kids being very difficult to work with. However, in these instances it’s more often than not the photographer who either doesn’t know how to work with kids or doesn’t have the patience to get the right shots.

So here at Quantum Photography we’d like to share some insight into preschool photography if this is an area you’ve been struggling with. These are just some of the guidelines we apply to ensure that, no matter the setting or subject, our pictures come out immaculate in every shot.

Tip 1: It’s all about angles

Many photographers don’t take into account that to get a good photo you have to be on the same level as the subject. Many adults are so used to seeing kids from the top down that they forget that many real expressions and emotions can only be captured at eye-level. So don’t be scared to crouch, kneel or even lie down when tasked with preschool photography – to get the right shot, at the right perspective.

Tip 2: Timing is essential in capturing spontaneously genuine moments

Kids are extremely spontaneous and photographers who aren’t prepared at all times can miss out on the golden moments that only kids know how to create. Luckily for us, kids are full of these moments and missing just one is not the end of the world. Just a little bit of patience can be very rewarding with preschool photography, as the power of a child’s imagination is bound to generate another great moment for a priceless shot.

Tip 3: Genuine emotions make good pictures

Even when kids pout or express sadness, these emotions can make genuinely good pictures – full of character and magical moments. Sometimes preschool photography isn’t always about getting the perfect picture for mommy and daddy as trying to get this can often lead to bad photographs. Children respond well when being engaged so don’t give up if you’re not quite getting the smile you wanted. With just a little bit of coaxing and perhaps a funny face you’re sure to get the preschool photography images you’re looking for in no time.

If you’re in need of preschool photography or would like to find out more details about our fantastic photography packages, don’t hesitate to call us and speak with one of our trained and knowledgeable staff members today.

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