Family Portraiture

Welcome to our Family Portraiture Gallery in Pretoria – proudly displaying some of our latest work. Life goes past at such a ridiculous pace that we sometimes forget that we have a family!! An easy way to prevent this from happening is to have a family photo day at least once a year, where we can capture all the family members – the oldies getting even older as well as new additions to the clan – on film and create affordable memories in various media to suit everyone’s pocket. The variety of available Family Photography Extras and ideas are endless. Especially for the very little ones to the not so little ones.  Remember – they grow up extremely fast, and then it is too late!! You need those photos on a wall somewhere or at least in an album – not on your computer!! Celebrate your Family…

Family Photo Gallery Pretoria

Family Portraiture Gallery Pretoria

Family Portraiture Gallery Pretoria

Family Portraiture Gallery Pretoria

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Family Portraiture Gallery in Pretoria

Family Portraiture Gallery in Pretoria - Quantum Photography

Family Photo Session Explained...

What must I / we wear to the photo shoot?

This is certainly one of the most important questions and need to be thought trough very carefully!!

The wrong garments / clothing can ruin a photo session!!

  • Very important – the lady / gentleman / couple needs to wear garments that they are totally comfortable in. Make sure you will be able move around in and on the studio floor in various posing positions without too much “pain” when choosing your attire for the shoot. Matching outfits are always super cool and looks awesome!!
  • Color does matter!! This again is dependent on what works well for you and varies from person to person. Colors like black / white / pastels / blue / pink / the occasional orange or mustard are all very camera friendly.
  • AVOID: Shocking yellow. Too many stripes / dots / motives / “flowery” garments. Monotone solid colors are by far the best. Certain “shiny” gold / silver / black satin garments work especially well with certain skin types and hair colors.

Garment and outfit types should include:

  • Casual pants / jeans / dresses (long & short) with matching tops.
  • Formal dresses / garments / suits in various color schemes (long evening, short Mini shirts, Tuxedo pants & jackets) tight or loose fitting.
  • Don’t forget those matching outfits – they are always a winner and just makes for better memories. A good reason to go do some shopping!!

Where will garment changes take place?

Our change room will be at your disposal during the shoot, which is private with mirrors and proper bathroom facilities. My wife Nadine – that doubles up as my extremely competent assistant – will set up the poses with you in the studio and will be present throughout the shoot.

Who will help me with the various poses during the shoot?

Again – No Fear!! We will coach you through every pose in the studio. Before the session, you will first have a sit down with myself to discuss the various poses / type of photos that I have in mind, so we can determine which ones are achievable. If all else fails – there is also a special file in my office packed with 100’s of poses. This is really the fun part of the shoot and soon you will be totally relaxed!!   

And what about makeup / hair and nails?

Makeup can be added as optional extra @ R250.00 per lady done by our own in house professional makeup artist. Should you opt not to make use of our makeup offer,  we then usually patch the “shiny” facial parts with Photo Ready face powder. Lips and nails (don’t forget those toes!!) always looks good on a photograph if well cared for. Remember that we edit all photographs, and thus will remove unnecessary pimples, burn / stretch marks and other blemishes. Assistance will be given to you wherever we can as far as the makeup is concerned. You can also opt for makeup to be included in the quote.

Can I / we order a photo album of our photo shoot?

Yes you can – available as an optional extra. Especially designed for the family who wants to preserve the special memories made in the studio in a special format. High quality photo paper are used in the printing of these little gems and are therefore extremely hard wearing (200gsm thickness). These albums are the same we use for our wedding albums. Size of the album is 20 x 20 cm, 10 pages (20 Sides), Glossy finish with UV coating on each page with personalized printed outer covers and in-house designed by one of our Photo Editors free of charge.

Family Portraiture Gallery in Pretoria