Classic Boudoir

Boudoir, Sensual & Nude Photography

Time, photos taken & editing...

  • 90 Minutes (One and a Half Hours) In studio Boudoir, Sensual & Nude Photography session. We may however extend the session depending on garment changes.
  • 30 to 40 + Photos taken in our studio. Extensive use is made of professional lighting on different backdrops. Authentic French Boudoir props, bedding and poses are also thrown into the mix. You will therefore have a wide variety of images to choose from.
  • 30 x Photo edits of your choice. In other words –  full extensive editing will be done to your photo choices.
  • 10 x Special Effects Photo Edits. From your chosen images. As a result, you will receive 10 photos in Black and White, Sepia, Color Detail and Fading, Cloudy and Photo Ageing etc. in addition to your chosen images as a bonus.

Photo album & makeup...

  • 1 x Mini Photo Album. 20cm x 20cm x 20 pages. Personalised printed hard covers. 200gsm paper, UV coated pages. Design and layout included.
  • 1 x Makeup Session. Professional facial makeup session before your Boudoir, Sensual & Nude photo session. After all – you would want to look even more beautiful than you already are.

What is on my CD?

  • Your chosen photos in high resolution and therefore printable up to A0 size.
  • All chosen photos also in medium resolution so you can use for E mail and Social Media.
  • Stills photo slideshow presentation consisting of all your chosen photos in high resolution in addition to the above.

In Conclusion...

You are welcome to choose any quantity of photos in addition to the inclusive images to be edited. For these extra photos there will however be an editing charge of R20.00 per edited image. Lastly, but most importantly – you may also choose between a male or female photographer to do your Boudoir, Sensual & Nude Photo Session. Because – above all – we want you to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

What will this cost me?

R 1 945.00 - Weekends

R 1 720.00 - Weekday Special

Boudoir, Sensual & Nude Photography

Boudoir, Sensual & Nude Photography