Quantum Photography - An Overview...

Quantum Photography's years of experience and the variety of services we offer, provide the foundation for our continued excellence in photography services.
We are a company that specializes in Studio, Maternity & New Born, Corporate Functions & Events as well as Wedding Photography. We do however cover a much broader spectrum of photography services as can be seen in our Packages section.
We offer our clients professional, friendly and reliable photography services, with two highly qualified photographers, meticulous post production editor, full complement of dedicated admin staff and great packages to suit all budgets!
We have our own inhouse professional Photography Studio in Capital Park, Pretoria, Gauteng that is fully equipped for the best possible pictures to be taken and memories to be made.
A private change / dressing / make up room is also at your disposal.

Ample and secure parking is also available on the premises behind closed gates.

Due to the nature of our company and the popularity of our packages, it is essential that bookings are made well in advance to prevent any disappointment.

Quantum Photography specializes in the following photography services:

  • Studio Photography
  • Maternity & New Born
  • Family Portraiture
  • Corporate Functions & Events
  • Wedding Photography
  • Architecture & Interior Design


As can be seen from the above – we focus mainly on Studio Photography  with a passion for Maternity & New born, where we can control the outcome of every image taken with professional lighting and equipment. Apart from the high end equipment we use, we have - over the years - accumilated a large veriety of specialised props especially for Maternity, New born & Family photography. 


We have however established ourselves as highly regarded Corporate Functions & Events, Wedding & Architecture Photographers and must admit that these very specialised genres of photography has become a burning passion for us!! Due to this fact, our Wedding and Corporate Functions & Events assignment dates are usually booked well in advance, and it is crucial that bookings are made in advance to prevent any dissapointment.

Please have a look at what is on offer on our website.


We would love to be your Photographers of choice!!