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Want to look fabulous for your photo session??

You certainly deserve some special pampering. Our Professional Facial Makeup packages will definitely create a look that will cause a stir on your special day. Maybe just to spoil yourself a bit. Transform an ordinary old photo session into something special to treasure for years to come.

Book any of our professional makeup packages with us and enjoy a qualified professional makeup artist do her magic – making you even more gorgeous than you already are while you relax.

Advance bookings essential!!

Professional Facial Makeup Packages:

Pre – Photo Shoot Session – In Studio: R300.00

Day / Evening Photo Ready – In Studio Session: R300.00 

Day /  Evening Photo Ready – At Client’s Location: R400.00

Bridal Makeup – In Studio Session: R350.00

Bridal Makeup – At Client / Wedding Venue: R400.00

Brides Maids / Mom – In Studio Session: R250.00

Brides Maids / Mom – at Client / Wedding Venue: R350.00

Flower Girls – In Studio Session: R100.00

Flower Girls – At Client / Wedding Venue: R150.00  

Professional Makeup Artistry

What does professional makeup entail… 

Firstly – there is a huge mis conception that “anybody” can do professional makeup. This is very far removed from the truth really. But why do I say this?? For starters – a qualified makeup artist can only be called “qualified” after at least a 12 month professional training course. 

Only then the real “learning” starts – different skin tones, skin colours, pimples or no pimples, scars or no scars, small eyes or big eyes, face shapes,  client preferences and so on… Then there is the question of what type of makeup is needed. Will it be for a bride, studio photography, day function, evening function – each with its own set of rules and challenges. This will take him or her at least another year to master and even then the learning never really stops.  

Makeup is an art, and not everyone can master this art. Did you know that your eyes are the focus point – just as in photography where your lens must always focus on the eyes?? Getting the eyes wrong, can mess up the whole face. It can either harden or soften the face – depending what you would like to achieve. It is all about practice and then some more!! 

Most ladies do their morning or even evening makeup in less than 30 minutes at the dresser in her bedroom with very poor lighting and inferior products. This won’t stand out at any function – believe me!! The professional makeup artist will as a rule take between 60 and 90 minutes for this task and will make use of real professional products such as MUD, Kryolan, HANNON just to name a few which is seriously expensive. Why you might ask. These professional brands are all tested to be hypo allergenic – meaning it will not cause any sudden skin irritations or rashes and allergic reactions when applied. They will also last much longer so you look your best for longer. 

What about lighting? As in photography – you need proper lighting – not the window in your room – that won’t do. We make use of a large 45cm Ring light which is fully adjustable for colour, height and angle. 

And seating for the client?? Another very important one this one… eye level with the makeup artist is the answer here. No bending down to the client because that will mess up the end result. Also – the client must be super comfortable for a long sitting. A soft air sprung, height adjustable chair with a small padded backrest will do the trick here.

Now – there you have all the reasons why to make use of a professional makeup artist.