Photography For Private Functions & Events


Private Functions & Events

The functions and events photography package is ideally suited if you prefer to do your Kitchen Tea, Baby shower, Bachelors, Engagement Party, Family Reunion, Birthday Party, Kiddies Party - or ANY other type of Private Function or Event Photo session in the privacy of your own home or maybe at a special venue of your choice.


We arrive at “Your Place” with a full complement of portable studio lighting and various other pieces of equipment in order to be able to recreate studio quality photography fro the event or function.

Your function / event will first be discussed with you via E Mail or telephonically to make sure we are all on the same page as to what you want from the session. Alternatively, we can set a personal meeting with you at the chosen venue in order to discuss your special function or event photography needs in the finest detail - at no extra cost!! Your input is very important to us.


We then come to your house or chosen venue where we then take as many photographs as possible in the time you booked us - usually this result in 40 to 50 photographs per hour.