Architecture & Interior Design Photography


Architecture & Interior Design Photography

Architecture Photography for Architecural & Interior Design is one of Quantum Photography Pretoria's speciality fields for which have an absolute passion - maybe since it is such a complicated and difficult genre, but certainly one of the most rewarding if done correctly!!

Quantum realises that architecture and interior design photography is important for Estate Agent, Landlord, Developer, Hotel Group etc. to have the correct image portrayed when it is time to market a high end home, new development or an inviting bedroom or interior of a hotel to the public.

This is due to the fact that we spent years in the Property Industry - Residential as well as Commercial - dealing with the private home owner, various hotel groups, bush lodge owners, architects, engineering firms as well as over 230 Landlords and Commercial building owners. 

Fact of the matter is - architectural photography is a VERY specialised genre of photography, and only a small handful of architecture & interior design photographers are up to the task. Be careful not to be caught out by so called "Professional Architecture & Interior Designer Photographers" that really have no clue or understanding of the job at hand - it will cost you dearly at the end of the day!!

Architectural design photography can be used for a professional marketing brochures, promotions and displays. Whether it is images for and advertisement on the Internet or a professional marketing brochure that you want photographs for, or just have your development or building captured as a memory – this is what we do best.