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Passionate Photographers in Pretoria and Gauteng

Who we are...

Quantum Photography is professional but fun Photography Studio based in Pretoria, first opening our doors on 1st September 2010. Even though our Studio is based in Pretoria, we nonetheless travel throughout South Africa for assignments. We strive to apply our accumulated knowledge of photography to create special memories for our clients. Luring them back to our studio time after time.

This is very much a family affair with myself – Kobus van Dyk – doing duty as Photographer. My wife – Nadine – as second photographer. Nadine also oversees the album design and post production editing. 

Then there is our awesomely capable office manager – Linet Nagel. She is in charge of the actual post production of your photographic memories. Together we will make your memories last forever. Not only the actual photographs – but also your experience in our humble but fully equipped studio.

It is our belief that “a picture is worth more than a thousand words”. Therefore we will try virtually anything to tell your story with our photography.

Our photographs are subsequently not merely a “let’s get the job done” affair. No – rather a burning passion for excellence and perfectionism in photography. From an in-studio photo shoot, to a 12 hour wedding – the same standards apply. Resulting in our photographs always seem to come out just fabulous!! The saying goes: “If you love what you do, you will never work another day in your life”.

We are – Passionate Photographers in Pretoria and Gauteng

Passionate Photographers in Pretoria and Gauteng

maternity photo studio pretoria
Maternity & Maternity Boudoir - In Studio
Passionate Photographers in Pretoria and Gauteng
Family Portraiture - In Studio

This is what we do:

Firstly – at Quantum Photography we only make use of High-End cameras, lenses, studio lighting and equipment. Secondly – we update our post production and editing software on a yearly basis. And thirdly – our computers & monitors are also upgraded regularly therefore ensuring a faster and more effective post production workflow.

In conclusion – we don’t spare any effort to ensure the best possible end result to you our valuable client. In addition to all the above, we make extensive use of carefully selected studio props so your photo session will be a unique experience.

All the above will not make a better photograph, if we as a team in charge of your memories are not dedicated to excellence at all times.

We would love to be your photographers of choice!!

Kobus & Nadine

Passionate Photographers in Pretoria and Gauteng

Passionate Photographers in Pretoria
Outdoor & On Location Photography

Passionate Photographers in Pretoria and Gauteng

Terms and Conditions...


Advance bookings are essential – especially for weekend sessions, Wedding photography and Architecture / Interior Design photography bookings. Make use of our on line booking form for the relevant package you are interested in. You may also contact our office or drop us an e mail to secure your Photo Session. 

Securing our services and payment options:

Weddings - Booking Deposit & Refunds:

You are required to pay a refundable* booking deposit equal to 50% of the total quotation to secure your date and time slot in advance. In the unfortunate event that your wedding is cancelled or you choose another date that we cannot accommodate in our schedule, your deposit will be refunded as follows: *1) Three calendar months or more before the wedding date – 100% of your deposit. *2) Two calendar months before the wedding date – 50% of your deposit. *3) One calendar month before the wedding date – No Refund. 

In the very unlikely event that the Photographer, or a suitably qualified & professional substitute acceptable to all parties – are not able for whatever reason to honour the wedding photography agreement, QUANTUM PHOTOGRAPHY undertakes to refund to the client the full amount paid over as deposit and / or final payment.

Weddings - Balance & Extras Payment:

Outstanding balances on your quotation after you have paid your deposit, are payable 1 (one) week prior to your wedding date. Monies must reflect in our bank account on or before the last working day preceding your wedding date. Should payment not being made by the deadline, we will have no other choice than to cancel our services to you.

This will have the effect that any deposits paid by you will therefore be forfeited to recover any costs incurred by us as well as for loss of income. No wedding will be undertaken unless the full outstanding amount is paid. In addition – all extras and or extra time spent at the wedding venue at the Bridal couple’s request is payable on invoice after the wedding.

Studio, Outdoor, On Location & Functions:

You may choose to either pay a booking deposit equal to 50% of the quotation or you can pay the full amount on the quotation in advance to secure your date and time. Should you cancel the said appointment, or you choose another date that we cannot accommodate in our schedule, the deposit you paid will be forfeited to recover any financial losses incurred by us.

PLEASE NOTE:  Please diarise your appointment date and time. We will not be able to accommodate you if you are late for your photo shoot, since this will influence the next booking on our schedule, and you will unfortunately forfeit the time that you are late!!

Real Estate, Architecture & Interior Design:

 A 50% Booking deposit is payable in advance. The balance is due on the date that we deliver the final product to you. PLEASE NOTE: No product will be supplied to you unless fully paid for. You will however have the opportunity to first view the final outcome of the assignment to ensure total satisfaction before making final payment. Address list & all access arrangements must be in place and in our possession before the photo shoot.

Travelling costs:

Firstly – all packages include 150 kilometers of traveling in and around the Pretoria, Centurion and Gauteng area. If we have to travel beyond the 150 kilometers radius, a fee of R 3.50 per kilometer plus Toll fees will be applicable. Secondly – any event and or assignment that requires 3 hours (300 kilometers) or more of traveling in one direction, will subsequently be subjected to an overnight accommodation fee of up to R 650.00 / person per night. You need to pay this amount in advance, unless you can provide similarly suitable accommodation.

In addition to the above, you will be required pay any Toll Fees incurred by us. Our admin department will invoice you for the total toll fees incurred by us after the assignment. One you have received our invoice, you need to settle the amount asap.

Dress code:

At all times we dress professionally and strive to blend into the proceedings at hand. Please note that our work attire are all branded with our Company Logo. 

Types of photos taken:

A mix of traditional, natural, fun and creative pictures. Any input from you the client regarding desired photo specifics as well as content is always welcome. This said, we humbly request that friends / family also wishing to take pictures do not interfere with our setup and way of operating. They are welcome to take pictures, as long as they don’t prevent us from getting the perfect shot.

Ownership of images:

We always keep a hard copy backup in the form of a CD / DVD of all your photos taken, which we subsequently keep in your client file and locked away. Your photo choices – the ones you chose after your photo session – will be supplied on a good quality CD or DVD disc to you in high resolution for printing purposes, as well as medium resolution for e mailing & Facebook.

You may use your images as deemed fit. Quantum Photography retains the right to use any material for advertising and promotional purposes. However – Quantum Photographic Services (Quantum Photography) undertakes NOT to publish or use any images should you prefer to keep your images private. This includes posting any images to Social Media as well as to our Website or any other form of publication.

Finalization period:

Depending on the package you selected, editing and post production may take us from 7 to 10 working days to complete. If you have ordered a Photo Album, this may take us up to 8 weeks to complete the design and to have the printing done. Once post production is completed, we will contact you via the e mail address you supplied us informing you to collect your order.

Generally we do not do deliveries, although this can be arranged via registered mail or courier – the costs to be for your account and payable in advance.

Passionate Photographers in Pretoria and Gauteng